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I am Portuguese born, a world citizen, teacher, cook, water lover, and passionate about sports and work.

My career took me to three continents, allowing me to meet fantastic people and participate in important developments and research.  I have researched medicinal plants used to treat malaria, taught at universities and in fitness gymnasiums, and have been the managing director of a university,

At this point of my career I am driven by helping others achieve their career objectives as I am expanding on my own.


PhD in Biotechnology

   (October 2004)

   University of the Pacific – San Francisco - California – USA

   University of Coimbra – Coimbra –Portugal

Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences

   (November 2011)

   University of Coimbra – Portugal 

Master in Cell Biology

   (July 1997)

   University of Coimbra – Portugal

Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences

   (June 1994)

   University of Coimbra – Portugal

Quality Implementation and Assurance Internal Auditor

   SGO   – Portugal

Environment Management Auditor

   SGO – Portugal